Checks and Balances

The Constitution of the United States, as adopted by the 13 former British colonies, created a unique system of government. It shocked the rulers of Europe. They claimed their government had never been so badly treated. The Americans, they fumed, had dissected its power, then placed the pitted the parts in opposition to one another. They hampered and hamstrung it until it looked like a giant pinned down by myriad small ropes. Government, in the minds of kings and court ministers, was meant to entail virtually unlimited power, and the authority to do about as it pleased to the governed. It was to be served as a divine powerhouse driven by kings appointed as earthly emissaries of God Himself. Should menial subjects fail to appreciate a kings’ exalted position as the sources of wisdom, severe physical punishment would often follow. This could mean the firing squad, guillotine, hangman’s nooses, prison, and/or

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