City council asks governor to fire Pennsylvania mayor who called for hosing protesters

The Arnold City Council in Pennsylvania voted Tuesday to ask Gov. Tom Wolf to remove Mayor Karen Peconi from office over social media comments that some residents found racist and offensive, KDKA-TV reported.
Peconi has been under fire for weeks for posts suggesting that those protesting the shooting death of Antwon Rose Jr. be hit with high-powered water hoses. Rose was shot by a police officer last month in East Pittsburgh.
Peconi also accused the protesters of not caring about jobs for the city of Pittsburgh because they were all unemployed.
In Peconi’s posts, she shared a video of water cannons being used on protesters, commenting “we need one of those” and “bring the hoses.” The council voted unanimously to petition to governor for her removal.
“I have based my life on what I saw in the 1960s in the south,” said Councilwoman Deborah Vernon, referencing the use of fire hoses against civil rights protesters.

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