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Color in Black and White

When I first heard that the BBC was remaking Civilisation, the groundbreaking 1969 documentary in which esteemed art historian Kenneth Clark guides the viewer through a thousand years of European culture, I feared the worst. When I saw that they had pluralized the name of the show I knew my fears were well-founded: no longer would the series be confined to Eurocentric declamations about the glories of illuminated manuscripts, Gothic architecture and baroque painting. Now all the world’s civilisations would be presented as equals in an intersecting, postmodern package. Clark was a straight white Christian male, but that dusty old cliché would have to go out the window for the reboot; the hosts this time were appropriately heterogeneous (in appearance if not in outlook), with a woman and a black man joining a white man (albeit a Jewish white man) in taking up presenting duties.
So I mustered smaller expectations than

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