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Comey: Come on, impeachment would let America off the hook

Former FBI director James Comey kicked off his book tour yesterday with a prime-time interview on ABC with George Stephanopoulos that ran two hours. Most of the highlights had either already been leaked by ABC or pre-empted by pre-release excerpts from A Higher Loyalty, but it contained a few surprises — and not all of those positive for Comey, either.
One surprise was in Comey’s warning about impeachment, even after calling Donald Trump “morally unfit to be president.” American voters made their choice, Comey told Stephanopoulos, and it should be left to the American voters to clean up the mess:

James Comey: Trump shouldn’t be impeached. He should be voted out.
— Axios (@axios) April 16, 2018
GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: If you are right, what is the remedy? Should Donald Trump be impeached?
JAMES COMEY: Impeachment is– is a question of law and fact and politics. And so that’ll be determined by people gather–

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