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Comey speaks…again

(Scott Johnson) Last night ABC broadcast its special edition of 20/20 carrying the interview of former FBI Director James Comey by former Clinton flack George Stephanopoulos. ABC has posted the transcript of the interview online together with video excerpts.
It’s a friendly interview of a difficult subject. Stephanopoulos is helping Comey sell books; tomorrow is the official publication date of Comey’s memoir. Comey continues his bid for addition to Mount Rushmore or admission to the Christian Trinity with no impediment from Stephanopoulos. The interview has made news with Comey’s unsparing criticism of President Trump. The criticism is unsurprising. Trump fired him. It’s personal. And we’ve heard it before.
In a sense, moreover, Trump’s flaws are transparent. Not so with Comey. He is an incredibly sophisticated operator. Comey’s flaws are manifest in his actions, but one needs some willingness to delve into the relevant facts and standards to assist viewers who want to

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