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Coming Clean on My Baseball Addiction Before the WaPo Exposé 

Any day now the Washington Post will be exposing my baseball addiction. Therefore I come clean now in advance.
Maybe I got in with a wrong crowd in yeshiva elementary school and yeshiva high school, but I became an avid sports fan as early back as I can remember. I recall something of the 1961 baseball season, with numbers like “51” and “53” and “61” flashing on the TV screen each time Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris homered as they feverishly pursued Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record in the era before steroids. We all were rooting for The Mick, and poor Roger Maris never had a chance to emerge from that race a winner. If he won, it would mean that he had supplanted Babe Ruth and had beaten Mantle head-on. Thus, he could not win, and perhaps the media’s incessant defamation of this good man really was my first life encounter with jaundiced news coverage and how

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