Conservatives brace for hit as Twitter announces new plan to reduce ‘visibility’ for some accounts

Twitter is updating how it decides which tweets to feature prominently and which to hide. The social media company says the goal is to weed out comments that are abusive before users have to report them.
But once again, it’s leading to questions about whether conservative voices will be silenced, an accusation Twitter has faced in the past. This time around, Twitter plans to use behavioral analysis to determine what represents “healthy conversations” on the site.
How will this work?
In a blog post, Twitter said accounts without a confirmed email address, for example, could be targeted. The same is true for users with multiple accounts, or if they repeatedly mentioned and re-tweet accounts that do not follow them. Your visibility could also be reduced if you connect with accounts that violate Twitter’s code of conduct.
“These signals will now be considered in how we organize and present content in communal areas like conversation and

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