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Continetti: GOP Focusing Immigration Debate on Families Would Put Dems on the Defensive

Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Matthew Continetti said Wednesday that President Donald Trump and Republicans have not lost leverage on immigration if they take steps to keep families at the border intact.
Trump signed an executive order earlier Wednesday to keep families from being separated while their immigration cases are adjudicated, but he said Congress needs to pass a legislative fix. On Fox News’ “Special Report,” Continetti noted that neither party has a consensus on immigration and that the unpopularity of separating families was a political loss for Trump, while the president could still win by sticking to his zero-tolerance policy.
“Trump found himself on the wrong end of a 70-30 issue. But now the problem is for the Democrats because separating families may be unpopular; zero tolerance, however, is relatively popular,” Trump said. “If the Democrats find themselves attacking a zero-tolerance policy while Republicans are doing their best to unify

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