Controversial Western Civilization Crusader Augustus Sol Invictus Bolts Libertarian Party for the GOP

Augustus Sol Invictus, the lawyer, “revolutionary conservative,” and crusader “to guard western civilization against foreign aggression and internal corruption,” has for the past few years been the single most controversial member of Florida’s Libertarian Party, for reasons Brian Doherty reported on at length (including an interview with the man himself) in October 2015. (Among the colorful details you will find there: disputed allegations of neo-Nazism, accurate reports of ritual goat sacrifice, and an O. Henry-style appearance from dirty trickster Roger Stone.)
Well, as of July 13, after years of recriminations, resignations, and mutual accusations of bad faith, the L.P. won’t have Invictus to kick around anymore. The onetime trouncee in an unusual L.P. primary fight over Florida’s U.S. Senate election in 2016 posted a video on his Facebook page, declaring that he was “Moving from the collegiate levels to the big leagues, and playing to win,” seeking along the way to

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