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Corker And Kaine Introduce New AUMF But Fail To Address Iran Or Assad

On Monday, Republican Senator from Tennessee Bob Corker and Democratic Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine launched what is framed as a bipartisan resolution to change the authorization for use of  military force (AUMF). The AUMF is the legal authority given to the President by congress to conduct War, in this case against al Qaeda and their many bastard offshoots. It is vital that the President have the ability to rapidly respond as Islamist such as al Qaeda exploit the glacier pace at which American laws are made.
This is the delicate balance the United States strikes everyday and many, if not most, Americans go blissfully unaware of the process. If you aren’t in the military, a family member of someone in the military, or some giant nerd who studies foreign policy for fun or money — you likely don’t give the AUMF a second thought. After all, that’s how the

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