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Court shoots down Acosta DOL’s attack on religious freedom

(Paul Mirengoff) We have seen that, from a conservative perspective, the Alex Acosta Department of Labor is bad on immigration, bad on equal pay, and weak on at least one important wage and hour law issue. Now we learn that it is also bad on religious liberty.
We learn this from the case of Acosta v. Cathedral Buffet, Inc.; Ernest Angley. In this action, the Department of Labor sued a restaurant operated by the Grace Cathedral church in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. It claimed that the church and its minister Ernest Angley violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act by not paying the minimum wage to church members who volunteered as workers at the restaurant.
The Obama administration DOL initiated the lawsuit, but Acosta’s DOL continued to pursue it. Indeed, as recently as last December it defended the action in the oral argument of an appeal by the church from a district court’s

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