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Crudity in the Oval Office

(Steven Hayward) Has everyone here heard the classic tape of President Lyndon Johnson ordering pants over the phone from the Hagar Slacks people? I have the YouTube version of it embedded below, but before you listen to it be sure that hot coffee and all other liquids are far away from your keyboard, and that children are out of the room. If you’ve never heard this, you’re in for a real treat.
I say this because I’ve seen a couple of tweets wondering when we’ll get President Trump saying the n-word in the White House, to which I thought—well, he’s going to have to go some to catch up to Lyndon Johnson in that department. Somehow LBJ’s language in meetings with members of Congress, and other odd behavior (ahem), was never reported by the Michael Wolffs of the day.
Before we get to Johnson’s scatological sartorialism, worth noting Jake Tapper on Twitter,

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