Dallas officials say mural honoring slain police officers violates city code

A mural that was meant to be a tribute one year after five Dallas police officers were killed in a violent ambush has quickly become a troublesome headache.
The mural of six officers carrying a flag-covered casket, painted on an 8-foot fence erected on the property of the Last Call Lounge in downtown Dallas, violates city codes and will have to be altered or taken down, according to KXAS-TV. The lounge’s owner, Diana Paz, didn’t have a permit to use metal siding.
“We’re just trying to honor and respect the Dallas Police Department about what happened a year ago,” Paz told Fox News over the weekend. “The police officers, they are actually happy with the mural. They like that we show some respect to them, and basically the community has been accepting the mural pretty good.”
Cesar Rodriguez, the lounge’s operator and Paz’s cousin, installed the metal siding on a rod iron fence that already existed

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