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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Counters Oliver North’s Incendiary Language With Some Stupidity of Her Own

We have long since passed the point when everyone should head to a time-out chair of their own and think before they speak.
That may be asking too much, though.
One of the most divisive issues in today’s political climate is the right to bear arms, especially in light of recent school shootings. Too many on the Left yell “repeal the Second Amendment!” with no consideration for the millions upon millions of law-abiding firearm owners in the United States.
These citizens are not responsible for gun violence. Neither are those who claim membership in the National Rifle Association.
Unfortunately, the NRA often leans toward PR campaigns that cause more division. We’ve seen this in their marketing, videos, speeches, and the like. Recently, Oliver North, who is to take over as the organization’s president in the coming weeks, contributed to the division with statements about those in the gun control camp.
“They call them activists. That’s

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