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Deeply Torn Over Steve Bannon’s Fall From Grace and Hoping for His Return and Political Resurrection on or After November 7

I count myself as a huge Steve Bannon fan. He has done more to advance authentic conservatism in America and to move it from the theoretical to the actual than just-about any other American alive today. And I know how much the Left is celebrating his ostensible political demise during this past week, as he has been lambasted by President Trump, abandoned by the Mercer family, induced to resign from Breitbart, and removed from XM satellite radio. I cannot think of a single area of political theory or philosophy where I disagree with him.
But, for me, my greater concern during recent weeks, particularly after the Roy Moore debacle, has been that we Republican conservatives do not now need a Tea Party-style civil war within the GOP over the purity of the November 2018 U.S. Senate candidates we run against the Democrats. By contrast, we desperately did need exactly that internal

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