Delta fires back at Ann Coulter after she unleashed viral tweet-storm bashing the airline

Delta Air Lines hit back at conservative commentator Ann Coulter late Sunday after she used her Twitter account to publicly air her grievances with the airline over the weekend.
Coulter used her Twitter platform of more than 1.6 million followers to bash Delta after she was booted from a pre-booked seat on Saturday on her flight from New York to Florida that she chose specifically for its extra leg room. Coulter is about six feet tall.
In all, Coulter fired off more than a dozen tweets bashing Delta as the “the worst airline in America”, its employees as “Nurse Ratchets” and even tweeted a picture of the woman who Delta assigned to Coulter’s pre-booked seat — something she was widely rebuked for.
In response, Delta publicly tweeted at Coulter. First they apologized that Coulter was bumped from her pre-selected seat and said they would refund the extra $30 she spent on it.
Then, the

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