Democrats and the Left Went Full Chicken Little About Internet Freedom

“THIS IS THE END OF THE INTERNET AS WE KNOW IT!” – Bernie Sanders (actual quote, see below)

Well, Bernie… I feel fine. And so does the rest of the internet. On Monday, June 11th, The Restoring Internet Freedom order will go into full effect. All it does is return the internet to THE EXACT SAME regulatory structure it was under from 1996 through 2015–repealing the unnecessary and burdensome rules put in place by the Obama-era FCC in 2015. These rules stifled billions of dollars in new investment and subjected the internet to rules created… in 1934! (Seriously)

It will be a great day for the internet, which is now back under the rules that allowed it to become what it is today. But of course these facts haven’t stopped Democrats and other left-wingers from doing their best Chicken Little impressions. So on Monday, June 11th, when the sky doesn’t fall, the

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