Democrats' Real, Pervasive Collusion With Russia Somehow Lost In Media's Hysterical Anti-Trump Campaign

Russia Collusion: If there is bipartisan agreement on anything these days, it is that Donald Trump Jr. was foolish to have met with someone who represented herself as someone with ties to the Russian government in order to get some dirt on Hillary Clinton. But the hypocritical and selective outrage of the Democrats in attacking the younger Trump is mind-boggling.
Let’s put what young Donald did into perspective: He and Trump campaign official Paul Manafort met for 20 minutes with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who Trump thought could help his father’s campaign by dishing dirt on his opponent. He got exactly nothing, except a lecture about U.S. sanctions against Russia. Nothing was exchanged, as far as anyone knows. A one-off meeting that led to nothing other than more anti-Trump Democratic hysteria.
Now, for the Democrats.
It’s an unfortunate and well-documented truth that the Democratic Party and its allies have for years fallen all

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