Dennis Rodman Wins Me Over in a Tear-Filled CNN Carthasis

Dennis Rodman is an emotional person.
From Singapore Tuesday morning, the power forward appeared on CNN to talk about the groundbreaking peace summit which was underway.
Chris Cuomo asked the NBA Hall of Famer to assess the two leaders going head to head in a game-changing peace assembly:
“Now you know both men. You’ve spent time with the North Korean leader; you’ve spent time with Donald Trump. How do you think the two men size up, in terms of how they might get along?”
Dennis answered with a story.
“Well, I think…Donald Trump would understand the fact that…the people of North Korea have a heart, have soul, charisma and they love each other. And I think the fact that Kim Jong-un and his family understands that. And I think that President Trump should understand the fact that, the reason why the Marshal of North Korea respects Dennis Rodman is he trusts me. And I gave him

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