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DHS Official: 2018 Midterm Elections Are a Potential Target for Russian Actors

Christopher Krebs, Under Secretary of the National Protection and Programs Directorate in the Department of Homeland Security, told the House Homeland Security Committee that “the 2018 midterms remain a potential target for Russian actors.”
Krebs added, however, that “the intelligence community has yet to see any evidence of a robust campaign aimed at tampering with our election infrastructure along the lines of 2016 or of influencing the makeup of the House or Senate races.”
While efforts by Russian actors to influence upcoming elections seem to be more limited than in 2016, Krebs noted that “the intelligence community, however, continues to see Russia using social media false flag personas, sympathetic spokesman, and other means to influence or inflame positions on opposite ends of controversial issues.”
“These efforts,” Krebs continued, “appear to be more focused on dividing rather than targeting specific politicians or political candidates.”
The Department of Homeland Security has redoubled efforts to strengthen America’s

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