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Dietetically incorrect after six years

(Scott Johnson) I’ve struggled with my weight ever since I quit smoking thirty-five years ago, going up and down 30 pounds several times. All I can tell you is that it’s a helluva lot easier going up than it is coming down, though you probably already knew that.
Six years ago I picked up on the cues offered occasionally by Glenn Reynolds to the work of science writer Why We Get Fat. Taubes recommends a no-carb diet, as some of the popular diet books do, both for reasons of weight control and overall health. I remain grateful to Glenn for sending me Taubes’s way.
I reported on my experience following a low carb/no carb diet after 25 days in “Dietetically incorrect.” I have now been following an unmethodical version of the diet for six years: no sandwiches, no pasta, no pizza, no fruit, no sugar, no desserts. I haven’t eliminated the sugar

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