Domino’s Will Build the Roads

People often ask who would build the roads in a libertarian society. This week brought a new answer: Domino’s.
On Monday, the pizza company unveiled its “Paving for Pizza” initiative, promising to partner with customer-nominated towns to fix up pot holes, repair road surfaces, and otherwise help provide a service many Americans think of as an exclusively public responsibility.
“Have you ever hit a pothole and instantly cringed? We know that feeling is heightened when you’re bringing home a carryout order from your local Domino’s store,” said company president Russell Wiener in a press release. “Domino’s cares too much about its customers and pizza to let that happen.”
So far, Domino has helped fix up roads in one town apiece in Texas, Georgia, Delaware, and California. The company has plans to partner with as many as 20, according to Domino’s Public Affairs Director Jenny Fouracre.
Each of those 20 cities is getting a $5,000

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