Donald Trump’s Courage: Jerusalem Edition

The United States recognizes, officially, that Jerusalem is, what it has been, and that’s Israel’s capital. Finally.
Evil thrives in confusion and America’s stance regarding the capital of Israel was confusing. That confusion gave quislings political cover and a way to yank Israel, and her neighbors, around.  Stating forthrightly that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel means that everyone has to acknowledge the truth and live with it.

This is one reason ppl on the left are so angry about this. They thought they could lie about support for Israel with cheap promises and were just exposed for the frauds they are. It’s the Cory Booker Effect.
— Seth Mandel (@SethAMandel) December 7, 2017
Philip Klein notes that there’s an upside to smashing norms:
From the establishment of the Jewish state, the operative Palestinian Arab position has consistently been to reject the idea of a Jewish presence in the region. Palestinians have rejected every

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