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DREAMer Shreds Pelosi and Schumer for Using He and His Fellows as Pawns

DREAMers are typically lean hard left, or at least the loudest among them do, but one DREAMer is ripping the curtain so you can see the man behind it, and calling out those who are using he and his fellow DREAMers for political gain.
Hilario Yanez, going by “Eli,” was brought to the United States from Mexico when he was young. According to him, Democratic leadership is using he and his fellow DREAMers in order to seem like a moral party. However, as Eli points out, the Democrats have sat on their hands and done nothing about this issue before. Now that the ball is in the Republican’s court, it’s suddenly a huge deal.
Yanez began by thanking the Trump administration for his efforts in reforming immigration law and strengthening border security. Yanez said that the U.S. needs to move away from the “outdated” lottery system the U.S. currently has, and should

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