‘Duck Dynasty’ star Sadie Robertson reveals ‘shocking things’ she’s been told during photo shoots

“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson, known for her bold statements about her Christian faith, has ventured into the world of modeling, and what she’s heard so far is pretty stunning.
In a Facebook post over the weekend, the 20-year-old reality TV star opened up about the “shocking things” she’s been told — and experienced — during her brief modeling career.
“A few months ago, I showed up for a photoshoot that I had thought was going to be a natural no makeup photoshoot,” she explained Sunday. “The director of the shoot took a quick look at me and said, ‘Nope this girl does not have the face to pull off a no makeup shoot.’”
After the director criticized Robertson’s looks, the young model said, a team of makeup artists went to work, spending two hours “making it look as though I had no makeup on.”
And this wasn’t Robertson’s first negative experience with modeling. In fact, she’s had a handful

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