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‘Eat Mor Krow’ and Other Signs of a Dangerously Politicized America

Things seemed so much more hopeful back in late 2000, just before what turned out to be an impossibly close election between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Throughout that campaign season, pundits and observers weren’t overly concerned with hyper-partisanship and extreme polarization, like they are today. The big concern was that, relatively speaking, the American people really didn’t give enough shits about a contest that was being hyped as “the most important” of our lifetime. Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government created a “Vanishing Voter Project” and Rock the Vote warned second-wave baby boomers and Gen Xers that “Your vote is your voice” and “If you don’t vote, it’s just like voting for the winner.” Even with the contest tightening in the fall, the presidential debates turned out to be “borderline ratings bomb[s],” as viewers refused to tune in.
To me back then, such “apathy” was nothing to be upset about

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