Editorial: Trump Rattles NATO

President Donald Trump visited Brussels on July 10 as part of a week-long, three-nation European trip. At a meeting of NATO allies, he offended our allies and outraged both the American and European news media by excoriating the alliance members that spend below the 2 percent of GDP they agreed to spend on defense in 2006.Three points seem especially relevant. First, Trump’s rhetoric is foolish and unhelpful. His obsession with NATO spending commitments grows from his bizarre sense that the world’s lone superpower is always and everywhere getting screwed. This victim mentality reflects Trump’s view of himself. The president spends much of his time complaining about the various forces he imagines are out to get him. And he talks about the country in the same way. One day it’s China, the next it’s Mexico. If it’s not the European Union, it’s our Asian trading partners. It’s the Democrats, the media,

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