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Eight Ways to Improve the World Cup

The numbers speak for themselves: No sport has as much global reach, participation, or viewership as soccer. As a result, it’s relatively easy to think that the soccer is doing everything right and there’s no reason to change the game. But what if there were things that could be easily improved about soccer?Here are eight ways to improve the World Cup:1. There needs to be some equivalent of goaltending: In the Croatia-Denmark game, Croatian forward Luka Modsic had successfully swerved around the goal tender on a breakaway and was all clear to deposit the ball into the net when he was tripped from behind. The offending player was given a red card and Modsic was awarded a penalty kick, but that’s not enough. If there’s a scenario where the ball is 100 percent en route to go into the goal, awarding them with a scenario where the ball will go

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