Ellison: We must all embrace intersectionality

Yep. The same guy who recently said that Kim Jong-un was acting more responsibly than Donald Trump is at it again. We’re talking, of course, about DNC Deputy Chairman and Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison. This time he was out at the Netroots Nation gathering of liberal activists, describing the party’s path back to electoral success… at least in his world view.
So what is this magic elixir of success? I’m sure he must have a way to combat violence in the nation’s cities. Or perhaps it’s a bold new plan to win back working class voters from areas of the country not perched on the two coasts. Perhaps some new foreign policy plans to deal with the unstable situation in Asia? Nope. They’re going to march back to prominence if everyone just embraces intersectionality. (Washington Examiner)
Ellison, a Democratic congressman from Minnesota, implored progressives gathered at Netroots Nation on Friday to embrace

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