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Entire Planet Fitness gym was evacuated – all because someone named their wi-fi this

An entire Planet Fitness gym was evacuated after someone went on their phone to sign on to the wireless internet network, and saw something alarming.
What did they see?
According to police, someone had given their wi-fi access network a threatening name – “remote detonator.”
The customer at the gym in Saginaw Township, Michigan, told a manager about what he saw, and the manager evacuated the gym and called the police. The bomb scare resulted in the gym being evacuated from 6 PM to about 9 PM.
Saginaw Township Police Chief Donald Pussehl said a Michigan State Police bomb-sniffing dog was brought in and found nothing.
A Planet Fitness spokesman defended the actions of the manager. “If there’s any suspicion of any device or anything in the club that would require police attention, the protocol is they close the facility and contact police,” he said.
“Safety is always first,” he concluded.
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