Evergreen State College students and staff speak out against SJW campus dominance

Faculty and students at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, recently spoke out against the deteriorating conditions on campus as a result of the college’s social justice advocates who use intimidation and violence to dominate the campus both ideologically, and administratively.
Evergreen College’s troubles began when biology professor Bret Weinstein faced backlash from students when he disagreed with black and Latino students forcing white students off of campus during the “Day of Absence” in May. Weinstein was labeled a racist, and students gathered to intimidate Weinstein into leaving campus.
On May 27, the situation deteriorated further when students made a list of demands to Evergreen College President George Bridges, whom they cornered and intimidated, hardly even allowing him to speak, and only allowing him to use the restroom if he was escorted by students. Bridges gave in to almost every student demand, including relieving them of homework. He did not, however, fire Weinstein, as the students demanded.
Some of the social

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