Everyone Hates Trump, Right?

(John Hinderaker) We are now immersed in a s***storm over President Trump’s alleged “s***hole” comment. The Democrats, more than ever, are convinced that voters will express their revulsion toward Trump by awarding them the House in November, and perhaps the Senate as well. Maybe so. On the other hand…
President Trump denies using the word “s***hole.” So who, exactly, says that he did? Who knows? The source is, as usual, anonymous. Presumably it was one of the Democrats who attended the meeting on immigration, but we don’t even know that for sure. If no one is willing to stand up like a man (or woman) and say, “I was there, I heard what was said, and Trump described Haiti as a ‘s***hole country,’” why should be believe the story? If it’s true, why is the source anonymous?
It strikes me that something like half the stories that dominate the news aren’t news

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