Ex-NYT Editor Abramson Blames Republican 'Rage Machine' for Political Division

Appearing as a guest on Sunday’s Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN, former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson blamed a Republican “rage machine” for the level of political polarization that currently exists, and complained about how congressional Republicans are conducting business.

She also oddly claimed that Democrats were not partisan in their reaction to President Donald Trump’s nomination of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch — even though Republicans had to change the filibuster rule to keep Democrats from blocking his confirmation to the Court.

During the panel discussion, host Zakaria referred to a recent article she penned as he posed: “Jill, you’ve written that you think that, while all this is true, this is not a situation where both sides are equally at fault.”

Abramson put the blame on Republicans as she began:

I do think that both sides are not equally at fault and that there’s been a bit of a false

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