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Exclusive Interview: Mercedes Schlapp on Trump’s Expectations and ‘Fighting’ Media Bias

Mercedes Schlapp, assistant to the president and senior adviser for strategic communications at the White House, spoke exclusively to The Daily Signal’s Ginny Montalbano on Friday during the Young Women’s Leadership Summit organized by Turning Point USA in Dallas.
Schlapp described the Trump administration’s successes, what the president expects from his team, and how the media covers powerful women in the administration. The transcript of the on-camera interview has been lightly edited for style and clarity.
Ginny Montalbano: Thank you for being with us. It’s been 500 days with the Trump administration. To you, what are the biggest successes so far?
Mercedes Schlapp: Well, 520 days, but who’s counting? Really, the president has been one of the most consequential presidents that we’ve seen in our lifetime. You just look at his economic success story.
Just the mere fact that we have gone from what President Obama, and actually, [what] presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used to say,

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