Eyeroll Alert: Alec Baldwin Says He Could Beat Trump In 2020 If He Wanted To

Perhaps the most hilarious part of listening to the deeply hateful is their tendency to not recognize in themselves the things they say they hate in others.
Take Alec Baldwin, actor and Trump impersonator (although he’s not as good at the latter as he is the former) who really dislikes President Trump to the point it seems almost personal somehow, like maybe Trump was rude to him once or something. It has that ” you dissed me at the fundraiser gala” flavor to it.
And while it’s only an assumption — because I didn’t find a quote where Baldwin actually says he hates Trump for his bombast and arrogance — it’s reasonable to assume he does, since that’s what the average liberal actor seems to dislike about the man.
Which makes it so funny when Baldwin arrogantly and bombastically declares that he could TOTALLY beat Trump in 2020 if he wanted to run

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