Families Battle With Disney to Protect Their Children’s Viewing Habits

Disney, the studio built upon family entertainment, has fought against families controlling the content their children consume.
The announcement was made last week that the family-oriented entertainment company Vid Angel was rolling out a new version of their service. The Utah-based entity has been in the business of offering parents the chance to control the content in the movies and television shows they allow into their homes. What Vid Angel specializes in is a form of digital filtering, where parents can elect what portions of a film are removed, as they deem what is inappropriate for their progeny.
The small entertainment company has endured a tortuous legal history. Hollywood studios are, shall we say, unthrilled with this in home editorial control, and the monolithic Disney company has been spearheading the legal fight against the service. At the center of the lawsuit is the practice Vid Angel employed for their service. Customers purchased a

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