Famous Watergate journalist Bob Woodward to reporters: ‘Dial back’ the anti-Trump coverage

Bob Woodward, one of the two Washington Post reporters who broke the Nixon-Watergate story in the 1970s, offered some advice to reporters Friday.
The iconic journalist appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where he urged his fellow news professionals to “stick to the reporting” and not to “binge drink the anti-Trump Kool-Aid.”
“One of the realities here,” Woodward said, “is that we’ve got an old newspaper war going between the New York Times and the Washington Post — some very powerful stories. At the same time, I think it’s time to dial back a little bit about because there are people around…who are kind of binge drinking the anti-Trump Kool-Aid. And that is not gonna to work in journalism. Let the politicians have that binge drinking.”
The New York Times was first to report on Monday that President Donald Trump asked now-former FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating ousted White House national security adviser Gen.

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