Federal Communication Commission Takes Steps to Undo Obama-Era Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission voted 2-1 Thursday to start a process of undoing internet rules, commonly known as net neutrality,  promulgated by the Obama-era FCC.
Undoing the 2015 Open Internet Order would “encourage more investment in broadband [and] more innovation,” James Gattuso, a senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation told The Daily Signal in an interview.
The order did two things. First, Gattuso said, it “declared all providers of broadband service to be common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, which allows extensive regulation of “telecommunications services.”
This means that “the FCC got virtually unlimited authority to regulate [internet providers],” Gattuso said. Using this self-created authority, the FCC then imposed net neutrality restrictions on broadband providers. These rules essentially ban any unequal treatment of data being sent on the web. Thus, blocking or slowing content is banned, as is “paid prioritization,” effectively prohibiting discounts and premium pricing.
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