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Federal employee unions suing Trump for making it easier to fire workers

Thirteen unions representing federal government employees jointly filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, aimed at pushing back on President Trump’s recent actions regarding collective bargaining agreements.
What prompted this?
Last month, President Trump signed three executive orders directing changes for the purpose of cracking down on wasteful provisions in collective bargaining agreements between federal agencies and their employees’ unions.
The initiatives set forth by the president would — among other things — make it easier to fire low-performing employees, require that federal agencies renegotiate existing agreements with unions within one year’s time, and limits the amount of time employees can spend doing union work on the taxpayer’s dime.
Reports from both the Office of Personnel Management and Congress were released prior to the president’s executive orders, exposing what was described as gross abuse of a law that allows union members to take time (on the clock) away from their jobs to participate in union activities.
One of the

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