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Feminist Philosopher Explains Jordan Peterson’s Biggest Mistake, Makes a Bigger One

Vox recently invited Kate Manne, a professor of philosophy at Cornell University, to critique Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist whose meteoric rise to fame and unflinching criticism of political correctness has launched a thousand takes, at Reason and elsewhere.
Manne raises some interesting points. Unfortunately, she also commits a glaring error—one that is more obviously wrong than anything she identifies in Peterson’s work. Asked to identify the biggest mistake (“moral, philosophical, or otherwise”) in Peterson’s bestselling book 12 Rules for Life, Manne points to Peterson’s analysis of “mass shootings in general, and school shootings in particular,” which he says are caused by a kind of social angst, or “crisis of being.”
I don’t find Peterson’s explanation particularly convincing, though existential angst is a broad enough diagnosis that I suppose it could be correct in some fairly useless and non-falsifiable sense. But while Peterson might be wrong about what causes mass shootings, Manne

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