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File Under “Least Surprising”: Steven Seagal Revealed as the Latest Hollywood Predator

Steve Seagal handling melons — as usual.
The inert “action” star has a long history of harassment. 2 serious accusations have now been made.
As the Hollywood sex abuse scandals continue to unspool fans and others have taken various positions. Some (myself, as an example) cheer on the revelations and career collapse of these lecherous demons. Others bemoan the loss of talent and even caution against a possible witch hunt reprisal environment.
A few of us on staff have a short list of those stars that might shock us were they to be revealed as sexual predators. Steven Seagal is not on this list. Rather than shock, news of accusations about him makes one check their watch in wonderment what has taken this long? The actor has a long filmography, and he also has a lengthy resume of accusations of sexual impropriety. Now two women have come forward with details of a dire

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