Forget Latin. English is the new dead language

Even when the Associated Press style guide continued its plunge off the liberal cliff, you could at least say one thing for them. They may be adopting the language of liberal correctness in their choice of adjectives, but for the most part they still insist on using actual words assembled in mechanically correct sentence structure. But how long will that last when the major dictionaries are now adding huge volumes of new “words” every year that haven’t withstood the test of time or scrutiny of the literate community? (I won’t even get started with a comprehensive list, but Websters recently added “riduckingficulous” and it goes downhill from there.)
Of course, spotty language needs to find a way to creep out of dusty dictionaries and into accepted publications. Enter A.W. Strouse, a professor at the City University of New York (CUNY). He’s tired of seeing the downtrodden masses being further downtrodden for

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