Franken’s Phony Finale

Al Franken’s resignation speech on Thursday seemed less heartfelt than grudging. He cast it not as an act of atonement — he continues to deny the charges largely and acknowledged through his stifled rage that his previous quasi-apologies had hastened his demise — but a reluctant act of gallantry. He was submitting docilely to the “broader conversation” on sexual harassment, he said, while signaling that his replacement, to whom he referred as “her,” would be a female pol embodying that conversation.
The speech followed the usual pattern of lying pols: I didn’t do it, I’m only quitting because I am a distraction and can’t advance my party’s agenda “effectively anymore, and the other side is worse. Franklin bitterly remarked upon the “irony” of his resignation, presenting himself as an innocent man on the pyre while guilty men like Trump and Roy Moore walk free.
Secure in the knowledge that the party will

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