‘Free Fire’ Review

As I was leaving the preview screening for Free Fire, I was somewhat surprised to hear an audience member telling a compatriot that it was “the best-edited film [they’ve] seen all year.” On the one hand, the year is still short—we’re only a third of the way through it and other contenders include mish-mashed semi-coherent tripe such as The Fate of the Furious. Maybe this guy just hadn’t, you know, seen many movies this year.
That’s the only real excuse I can muster, because Free Fire is something of a visual travesty: despite the fact that it takes place almost entirely within a single room inside an abandoned warehouse, the film is cut together in such a slapdash way that it’s sometimes hard to make out who is going where and for what reason. Combined with the fact that it’s not nearly funny enough to play as a comedy nor exciting

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