From “Drain the swamp!” to “That’s politics!” for President Trump

When asked why people supported Donald Trump over other GOP contenders during the primary, one of the answers was almost always, “He’s not a politician.” Donald Trump was different because he wasn’t beholden to anybody. It would not be politics as usual with Donald Trump.
Then came the phrase, “Drain the swamp.” Donald Trump managed to sell his supporters on the notion that he was different. He wasn’t going to be the same, inside-the-beltway politician that others were going to be.
The meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian nationals, hoping to secure damaging information to Hillary Clinton campaign is revealing in several ways. I wrote about the absurd conspiracy theory Trump supporters have embraced to make it seem like the entire episode was a concoction created by Democrats. To put it all in context, here is what President Trump tweeted this morning:
Most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one

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