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Gallup: Share who are satisfied with how things are going in U.S. ties for highest since 2005

Old CW: Will Trump finish his term? New CW: Will Trump win all 50 states?
No, no, kidding. The new CW is more like “Could the GOP actually do reasonably well in the next two elections, including a second term for Trump?” The answer pretty clearly is yes, if if if if if the economy keeps rolling.
If the headline of this post feels familiar, incidentally, it’s because CNN ran a similar poll 10 days ago and got similar results. In that case, 57 percent answered yes when asked if they think things are “going well” in the U.S., the highest share since 2007. Despite the daily news sturm and drang, the Trump era is hitting benchmarks for popular contentment not seen since Dubya’s better days. Although there is one small footnote to that in Gallup’s case.
Thirty-seven percent of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in the country today,

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