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Gang of Eight Bashers Stand on Tiny Pedestal

Every GOP Debate and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Ted Cruz95%Senate Republican Average29See Full Scorecard95% stump speech includes red meat statements that diminish the so called “Gang of Eight” and their efforts to pass immigration reform.  Obviously these statements are primarily made in an attempt to stain one member of that group, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Marco Rubio82%Senate Republican Average29See Full Scorecard82%.  The crowd always responds with the expected “boo’s” to demonstrate the absolute rejection of these efforts “by the people”.

Fair enough, but I can’t help but wonder what the “boo birds” would think if their response could be seen as approval for the hundreds of thousands or even millions of new illegal immigrants that have easily crossed the border since the Gang of Eight’s failure?  Setting aside the potential effectiveness of the bill, I think most would agree the structure of the bill was advertised to resolve two issues; how to deal with the over 10 Million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States & preventing the continued flow of illegal immigrants into America.  As I said, there can be significant disagreement on if this bill would have been effective, but there is little disagreement that the absence of legislation guarantees the continued flow of illegal immigrants into the country without recourse.  Look at it this way, you receive a call that strangers are entering your house 30 miles away stealing one item per stranger.  There is a line around the block of sticky finger strangers, it’s pouring rain, and the only transportation you have is a motorcycle.  You can bitch and complain about the transportation option while doing nothing, but the theft of your property will continue until you own nothing.  The only other option is to get on the motorcycle, make the miserable drive to your home and end the theft of your property.  The point is there is no perfect option that allows you to retain all of your property, but only the latter will allow you to stop the theft and maintain some of your property.

Each point of the legislation will not be discussed, because all conservatives recognize that it had significant weaknesses.  Also, I would not support legislation that created an expedited or altered pathway to citizenship which the Senate version of the legislation included.  Many Republicans did not seek to strengthen the bill by eliminating this section and replacing it with a pathway to legalization, but instead put their energy into killing the legislation to seek political praise.  This is the same response Democrats demonstrated in response to President George W. Bush’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007.  These efforts have provided a decade of almost free entry to illegal immigrants that will never be removed.  So while the Gang of Eight is to blame for writing bad legislation, at least some of the responsibility for the continued flow of illegal immigrants into the country must rest on the shoulders of those “conservatives” that used the issue for political praise.  The only other argument must be attached to the delusional thought that one day a significant number of these individuals will be deported, and that continued fantasy will only ensure the illegal immigration problem will not be resolved.

In the current Primary Election for the Republican Presidential nomination, I support Senator Marco Rubio, but my one criticism of my home state Senator is related to his efforts on immigration reform.  The criticism is not that he attempted to find a resolution, but that he bailed on those efforts when a segment of Republicans and Tea Party members put pressure on him.  I don’t expect to always agree with my elected officials, but I do expect them to stand strong as the heat rises, and Marco simply did not stand strong.  That said, I remain supportive of him for recognizing any delay in resolving the issue only ensures the problem continues unlike demagogues on talk radio, Donald Trump and Senator Cruz who seek resolutions they know will never become legislation, hence allowing damage to the country as a trade-off for personal political gain.  The pedestal they place themselves on has no legs.

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