Giuliani: Mueller’s team admitted to me they can’t indict Trump

Is the special counsel probe all over but the shouting? At least according to Rudy Giuliani, the answer is yes. He’s been hinting for days that Robert Mueller might decide to just issue a report and close up shop, but Giuliani went a little farther than that with Fox News today. He flat-out stated that Mueller’s team had decided to abide by a 1999 DoJ finding that a sitting president cannot be indicted.
Once again, let’s emphasize … according to Rudy:
President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, told Fox News on Wednesday that special counsel Robert Mueller has told the president’s legal team he will follow Justice Department guidance and not seek an indictment against Trump.
Giuliani, himself a former federal prosecutor and mayor of New York City, also told Fox News that Mueller’s investigators have not responded to five information requests from the president’s team. That has forced Trump’s legal team to push off making

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