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Give VA Secretary David Shulkin the boot

Give VA Secretary David Shulkin the boot
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2018
Will the VA scandal never end?
While the Department of Veterans Affairs secretary lives high on the hog and his lying chief of staff resigns in disgrace while escaping any punishment, legions of vets every day in this country are denied the medical care they earned.
President Trump was supposed to drain the swamp. But at the historically fraud-ridden and profligate VA, the alligators continue feasting on the public dime.
Trump’s VA secretary, David Shulkin, is an Obama holdover. His main agenda is to block any real reforms for veterans, which includes expanding their ability to obtain care from private doctors and hospitals. His daughter, Jennifer, is a Harvard law student and loudmouth Huffington Post contributor who used her Twitter account recently to defend her dad against “right-winged, pro-privatization Trump appointees.”
Two weeks ago, Shulkin launched a purge of what he calls “subversive” employees

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