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Glenn Beck Exits the GOP….Again

Glenn Beck claims the Republican Party is “rotten”, and he is out!  The biggest surprise is that I was unaware that he had returned after he has performed this desperate attempt to seek headlines several times in recent years.  My response remains the same, “Glenn, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Since leaving Fox News, and embarking on the admirable process of building his own media company with multiple vertical and horizontal channels, the results have been mixed.  Beck’s personal brand has remained strong, but brand strength has limits.  While his book sales and radio audience has remained constant, his broadcast channel “The Blaze” and accompanying website have never lived up to his fans expectations.  Both are extremely weak in content, and have been unable to diversify into content that is unattached to Beck.  Instead of returning to the drawing board, Beck has continued attempts to draw attention to himself and The Blaze with these “media manipulation” efforts.  A liberal mainstream media jumped on these soundbites for a while, but it seems they have even tired on the “even this big name conservative thinks Republicans suck” story when it is related to Beck……or maybe the Beck brand has simply lost its strength.

My feelings and message is not limited to Glenn Beck, but is my response to the many individuals in the media that feel good about themselves by claiming to be Conservative, but not Republicans.  The claim does not separate the individual into a profound elite group, but into a group of hacks that have a limited understanding of political party affiliation in America.  The United States is a two party political system, and will remain a two party political system for a long time.  In contrast to claims often made in the media about a third party formation in the near future, we are more entrenched into a two party system today than we were a decade ago……or a century ago.   Logically, the formation of a third party would require cannibalizing voters from both parties, or it would result in political suicide.  A new party with conservative leanings would only pull voters from the GOP, hence ensuring total Democratic rule, and vice versa.  So what five or ten foundational principles would be able to achieve this objective?  We are more likely to have four major parties, than we are to simply have three.  To reach four parties would require someone to go first, and that is a “Mexican standoff” that will not end easily.  The political division is deeper in America today than any other time in modern history.  I often think the whole platform of the Democratic Party was formed by adopting the opposite position of the GOP, and even more amazed they have been able to sell the loads of crap they espouse.  In the party or out of the party, Glenn Beck is not voting for Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren in 2016.

If Beck’s claim is sincere, then it demonstrates utter weakness.  I am not a fan of many Republican politicians, and also become frustrated with their weakness displayed almost daily in Washington.  Still, I recognize the Republican Party is much bigger that any current politician, and a party’s direction can only be changed from within.  Simply taking my ball and going home is not an option, and efforts in American politics will always be a fight that is never completely won.  The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.  It is the party that was born within the efforts to abolish slavery, fought off Democratic opposition to Black Americans and Women’s Suffrage, and carried the water for LBJ to pass the Voter’s Rights Act.  We all stand on the shoulders of giants within the GOP, and no modern politician or radio talk show host defines the Big Tent we encompass.  The Republican Party was around a long time before Mr. Beck and will be around a long time after Glenn Beck.

All of that considered, if Glenn Beck thinks his star is simply too bright for the GOP, he is welcome to exit and continue to decrease his relevancy.  Best wishes, and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

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